Vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian recipes and diets make significant contributions to reducing carbon emissions. My family didn’t start out eating that way but the transition to a vegetarian diet has not been difficult for us. Often, we use meat substitutes such as jack fruit, tofu, seaweed and bean mixtures. Seaweeds such as dulce contain not only vital vitamins and minerals but also protein. Like all plants, they carbon sequester for our planet, doing double duty. Here are some recipes to get you started, just click on the recipe title. I also posts many recipes on instagram @seaweed_cabin

Butter fried dulce “bacon”, buttermilk pancakes, rosemary infused cranberry and clementine syrup (featured photo)

Crockpot decadent flourless chocolate cake

Crockpot citrus polenta gluten-free cake

Microwave roasted garlic, cilantro and pumpkin seed pesto and cream cheese on cucumber appetizers

Szechuan seaweed recipes

Sous Seaweed recipes

Gluten free dulse and lemon citrus bread

Cauliflower burger with rockweek “oyster” mayonnaise

Vegan Salsa Verde with rockweed

Soda straw seaweed bhajis with coconut sambal